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Lexington - Captain Bob: 00* 37' north. 042*. 09' west

We are now in the northern hemisphere. It is 02:40 at the end of my watch. I have been zipping thru the night with 18 knot wind and 4-6 foot seas. It has been a nice ride.
I have tried to figure out what I have learned on this trip. Electronics and social media is a good topic to study. I have an iPad that I got for this trip I use it every day. I do my email using our satellite and I read books. I have mixed emotions about iPads and cell phones. There has been many of an occasion that I have looked at a table of people all looking at their phones. At that point I want to say we should all treat ourselves like kids and limit our time on devices. The main problem is on this trip is that internet connections and speed are at a premium. Often when we are together at a restaurant or marina is when we have the best connectivity, so everyone takes that opportunity. From what I see, the internet wifi connection at a restaurant or marina is one of the most important factors in satisfaction.
I do not do Facebook but I should. I do these post but most people do Facebook instead. It is amazing how connected everyone is who wants to be. It is also interesting to see the positive reinforcement involved with Facebook. The number of comments is basically the number of at a boys you have. It is equal to starting a good lively subject at dinner party.
I love my iPad but I think I could easily live without as much internet connection as a lot of people. I do not need to know the news every day but that is just me and I have not been normal since my mother dropped my off the potato wagon and came back to find me the next day!
May fair winds fill your sails with all the wifi you desire!

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