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Lexington - Captain Bob: 2/20/2018 09*. 02' south. 035*. 05' west

We are one day out of Capadello where we will stay until we take off for Granada.
My theme lately is to see what I have learned in the past 14 months.
I will try to summarize our group as to qualities leading to a successful less challenging trip. Just about everyone who wanted to finish will finish the trip. One owner was older and decided to sell his boat in Australia. He had planned to have his wife be with him but she decided that sailing was not for her. He had three great crew but his heart was not in it to continue and he got a good quick offer for his boat. The boat market is good in Australia. He may have found that he was a little older than he thought. I know I have really felt my age.

Another boat dropped out in Australia. They joined in Fiji from the year before. They had
engine troubles and dropped out to get a new engine and stay a while in Australia. They were very nice. They will rejoin.

Another boat dropped out in Fiji after multiple boat system failures the last of which was needing two new engines and having done some damage to their hull. My guess as an outsider was that they had questions on what they really wanted to do from the beginning. They dropped out and headed to Hawaii where they had lived before and may have wanted to go anyway. They will be happy any place.

Another boat dropped out in Fiji expecting to rejoin. The female significant other decided her heart was not in continuing the trip. She left and he continued with other crew but not the same trip that he had dreams of.

I do not know if I have any answers but I read before that common factors in successful cruisers was starting before they are 60 years old and having a spouse as a partner. In two of the trip interruptions the lost of a significant other crew was a factor. The other two were time consuming mechanical problems that put them behind in a fast paced trip. Their solution was not to break their necks to keep up. I think there is a good chance that each of the boats that I described will continue on or rejoin the World Arc but at a different pace than those of us who will finish soon.

There are several couples that seem very successful. They sail well together. They know what to expect from each other. They have been able to keep their boats in good shape probably partly by being experienced sailors with each other. They have had crew along the way, often family members.
May fair winds fill your sails with plenty of adjustable plans and solutions

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