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Air Power - Feb 19

Our time in San Cristobal Island was enjoyable. We had to create barriers on the two sterns of the hulls to keep the sea lions off. Shouting didn't work too well. Neither did the rope barriers. I finally made a deal with them. If they would just shut up, I wouldn't be chasing them with the boat hook, and we both could sleep. We fueled up in restaurants and attempted to use the internet. We got a chance to buy diesel for our continuance to French Polynesia. Getting fuel consisted of taking jerry cans in the back of a taxi (pickup truck) and getting special permission for the purchase. Locals' cost was approximately $1.04 per gallon. Visiting yachts....$3.70. At least the person fueling our cans looked official. Swat coveralls, badge, holstered weapon. I'm sure the Ecuadoran government subsidized the fuel for their citizens, explaining the difference in cost.

Came across multiple pods of whales. Not sure what kind, other than the big kind. I'm not sure if Moby Dick still plies these waters, but we are staying clear.

Dave & Jill

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