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Lexington - Captain Bob: 2/16/2018

We are anchored at Morro São Paulo. We will be headed north in a few days toward Capadello.
I was talking to a couple of other Arc participants about the finish line being near. The general consensus was that we were completing a major accomplishment. I alway have a different view than others about a lot of things. The more I thought about it the more I thought that my sister Alice Baesler and her husband, Scotty Baesler completed a more difficult task each year as they raised 300-400 acres of tobacco. They managed a crew of 20-30 workers for whom they furnished housing, transportation, medical coverage and weekly visits to the grocery. They sometimes have up to 60-70 contract workers at busy times. They have a greater financial risk. Farming is almost as dangerous as mining.
I have a good sense of accomplishment but I strive to put it in prospective. There are a lot of people doing equally or more difficult ventures. The main thing I would say about World Arc participation is that we are truly out in the middle of the ocean and need to be prepared to solve our own problems. Even at that we have several potential avenues of assistance.
May fair winds fill your sails with enjoyable challenges!

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