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Blue Top - BlueTop 11122017 Plume d'oie

The blog of TOP n ° 14 of Monday 11/12/2017 

Dear Friends, dear fans, dear groupies, dear families, we do not doubt that all your thoughts are turned towards us. Unfortunately, it's "game over" and it's not "more fun to compete"! I quote Nono: "Since yesterday afternoon the breeze has been light ... last night a little more constant the second part of the night, but since this morning is the" misery "... 2 to 3 kt speed ... the forecasts for this night and tomorrow morning do not give more wind (and we have less than the expected wind!) ... in short we give up the race, this day at 17H30TU, .... to make motor road until finding a breeze enough to move towards St. Lucia ..or Le Marin directly ..

The sporting stakes had already begun since last week, we were before this abandonment the following to arrive at 220NM remaining ... Small disappointment on board, but it is without trouble ... ".It is true, however, since this morning, no wind, nothing, weariness, boredom, depression, a collegial decision taken around 13:45 and sending a message to the organization at 14:30 to say that we put the engine on the road. 5 minutes later, the breeze has arrived, too late and too weak anyway, Goose feather has tried a last wind dance, it's been
done for 22 days, I'm proud By 14 57 N 057 25 W .

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