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NoStress - Log Day 22 - Keeping Up Appearances

The sun has been blisteringly hot and the wind painfully meagre. The crew spent the day going about their regular chores and wishing for stronger airs. As the speed over the ground dropped again the team’s brains started clicking and whirring and the angst at the slowing of pace once more became visible on their faces, but as we all say: “what can we do?”. Not a lot it would seem. We keep trimming the sails, keen not to lose any vital boat speed. Keep looking after one another, and try to keep each other’s spirits up.

The dolphins reappeared after a few days hiatus, and they’re always a welcome sight. Jake sheltered from the sun and hosted the inaugural NoStress Cinema Matinee Show. It was a double-bill comprising Ironclad and Master & Commander - Far Side of the World. I only caught some of the second feature, but the sounds drifting up to the cockpit from the saloon during the first movie suggest that Jake’s choice of opening film was of the bloodthirsty variety - I wonder if tomorrow’s selection will include Jaws, or The Poseidon Adventure!

I can tell you that despite the crew’s temporal ruminations all is well and spirits are high.

We’re hoping you’ve all had a good weekend, that those who like the snow have had a chance to enjoy it, and that those that don’t are tucked up safe and warm.

Thinking of you all,

Alex & the NoStress Crew

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