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Nutcracker - Are they here yet?

Shore based Admiral writes: I think Nutcracker may have gone into stealth mode to keep their position secret from the surrounding boats in a last minute dash to the finish and the possibility of not finishing last?  I jest, as those of you who have been updating four-hourly know (I know you are out there). For it has been a storming last few days with the good and trusty Nutcracker doing what she does best, thundering down the quite lively seas in a nifty following wind.. 

Their shore based reception committee have also been busy doing what they do best, chilling and keeping their nerves steady with a steady supply of rose interrupted by the occasional rum punch.  

So, are they here yet?  Well no, and no insight from the technical team as to quite when they will be.  Hopefully they are too busy chopping back the Neptune like beards, and fumigating down below !  

Best guess is a slightly inconvenient 1am tomorrow morning (11th) , but worry not friends and families, we have found just the bar to prop up to await them.....   watch this space...

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