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Rubikon - Day 20 - Last day at sea - maybe...

We are slowly closing in on Barbados, the next stop in our journey to the Caribbean. Depending on the wind, which has already subsided quite a bit since yesterday, we might arrive there on Monday evening. With our light-wind-sail still broken, we cannot sail a direct course to our next waypoint, but instead are zig-zagging in front of the wind.

To celebrate our progress, we started the day with some white sausages for breakfast, classic Bavarian style (though none of us are actually Bavarian).

Yesterday afternoon, we had a bit of a scare, as we discovered that a part of the mast had become undone. Upon closer inspection however, and after hoisting our skipper up the mast, it seems the broken part was not of structural importance and hence was fixed in proper engineering style: with duct tape.

With our course now pointing much further south than Rodney Bay in St Lucia, we will skip our VMG game and declare everyone a winner.

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