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NoStress - Log Day 21 - I’m Not A Celebrity, Leave Me In Here

Human beings are remarkably adaptable. For the last three weeks the six of us have been living in a space the size of a small bedsit. It has great views and lots of fresh air but conditions are definitely cosy. Like the camp members of the show in the title of today’s log the crew all appear to have lost weight. Living on a constantly swaying platform does wonders for one’s balance and core muscles - but I suspect the main factor is the absence of alcohol and a minimum intake of junk/processed food. Fortunately we don’t have to face any “Bushtucker Trials” (though dealing with the manual pump toilets on heavy seas isn’t a task that’s at the top of anyone’s list of pastimes). Also, some of the eating challenges might begin to feel a little closer to home as we start to scour the larder for inspiration over the next few days (Des says he’d rather starve than eat pot noodle - vote for Des on 0891-700-1227).

Sailing has been on a starboard tack all day with 20 knots of wind over the quarter and the beam. We covered 145 nautical miles yesterday and would like to achieve something similar by noon tomorrow - fingers crossed.

We’ve had a little company today. Thor Heyverland, a 150’ square rig appeared off our starboard side last night and stayed there until dawn when she hoisted more sail and cruised off towards Palm Island. This afternoon a large cargo vessel appeared off our port bow. She was making a good pace and crossed our transom disappearing towards Northern Europe in less than an hour.

The mood on board is almost business-like this evening. Although still relaxed there’s a feeling that the boat is getting into the groove and everyone’s keen just to keep on trucking.

Dinner tonight is Thai chicken curry with rice, followed by homemade ginger snap biscuits for dessert.

It just remains for me to wish you all a fun and relaxing weekend and say thanks as always for reading.

Thinking of you all,

Alex & the NoStress Crew


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