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Susan Ann II - log day 16 - Waaa - Hooo!

Now that we are on the home stretch, there’s not much to do but read, sunbathe and fish. The later being very important because we’re all about the food!

Luckily we have Ziggy with us. A professional fisherman who came equipped with a full compliment of gear suitable for any ocean. This was no accident, when we were looking for crew, the fact that we towed the same lure 4,500 miles around the Mediterranean all summer meant we were in serious need of some fishing experience and we’ve certainly got it now. There haven’t been many days without a bite but when Ziggy started screaming “waaahooo”, I’m like “what’s he so excited about?” It turns out the fish is called a Wahoo and they are very good eating indeed. We landed 2 in 20 minutes!

I’m getting better at filleting and feel it’s important to do the fish justice so we use every part of the fish. We even slice the fish’s stomachs to check for plastic and I’m pleased to say, in the ones we have checked so far, we’ve not found anything that shouldn’t be there.

We passed 1000nm to go point today and hoping for a late Sunday arrival into Rodney Bay, St Lucia.

Love from the crew of Susan Ann II. Xx


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