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Infinity of Yar - Blog 10

Infinity of Yar Blog no.10
Date: Monday 4th December 2017
Location: Lat: 14.21 North
         Long: 43.07 West
       " Kipper Comes Good "
At last our Director of fishing 'Kipper' Kearns has landed a big one. Over one metre of marauding Mahi Mahi was hooked and landed with Kipper in charge of operations. 'Step Aboard' Davey expertly reeled the fish in and your author and scribe was handed the job of wielding the gaff.

Now readers, for those of you (like me) who know nothing about deep sea fishing you need a gaff to heave the fish over the side of the boat and is essentially a telescopic pole with a large, and very sharp, hook on the end. As we had previously lost a large Tuna due to my incompetence with the gaff I was determined to put in a better showing this time. Kipper shouted "right gaff it!" and I moved in waving the sharp instrument in the direction of the fish he turns to me a shouts "It's not bloody golf Peckham". Duly chastised the fish was landed and we had shushi for lunch and baked Mahi Mahi for dinner - wonderful!

Last night we extended our nightly quiz to take on another yacht via the VHF radio. Having called up and challenged the crew of Tallulah Ruby (We went up to Ch 72, the sailors will be relieved to hear) 'Oz' Henderson acted as quiz Master and both crews competed for the Mid Atlantic Yacht Pub Quiz Trophy. After 30 tricky questions we ended up with a tie. A tie breaker question was devised to guess the combined age of the apposing team. This resulted in a narrow win for Infinity of Yar. Hardly fair when our combined age was at least three times their's.

Let's return to the crew analysis mid Atlantic.

Foredeck 2: Oli 'Step Aboard' Davey probably no longer deserves to be carrying that nick name, but hey that's the price for arriving late! What Step Aboard has done in buckets to rectify his late arrival is to bring his considerable catering talents to the galley. It will not be a shock to you to find out that some of the older members of the team are frankly pretty inept when it comes to the considerable skill of catering for six from a galley measuring 3ft x 2ft and a two hob gas oven - this whilst the whole 'kitchen' bucks around like a wounded bull. Our rosta system requires a different chef every day and Step Aboard is in much demand as a sous chef.

Such is his talents that previously incompetent men are turning out gourmet meals. 
More tomorrow dear readers and in the meantime:
        " To Infinity and Beyond " 

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