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Rubikon - Day 10 - Sports and Food

Wednesday afternoon brought more relaxing, with most of the crew listening to audiobooks, podcasts or reading, while José continues to improve his harmonica skills (Though he still owes us a Christmas song or two).

To keep in shape and for the entertainment of the remainder of the crew, the three "youngsters" picked up on our training regime again. Squats and push-ups on a moving boat seem to train muscle-groups we never even knew existed and provide ample entertain for the rest of the crew.

In order to make up for "all" the calories burned, another huge amount of food was needed, for which Gulasch seemed like an appropriate option. We are still doing rather well on our meat-supply, even though the freezer keeps draining out batteries at night and requiring at least two hours of motoring per night.

Wind and wave-wise today was slightly more relaxed than Tuesday, having arrived in the trade-wind-zone, we have rather constant winds of 10-13kn, pushing us ever closer towards the Caribbean with speeds between 5-8kn over ground.

Yesterday's VMG was 6.1kn (according to official ARC report), slower than we expected. Today's predictions are as follows:
Kai: 5.1
Martin: 5.4
Chris: 5.6
Alex: 5.5
Max: 5.4
Markus: 4.9
José: 5.2

(just as an explanation on this game: we only get the "official" ARC VMG for the last 24h when we upload this blog post. One of the highlights of the day)

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