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Pelican - Nov 22 Log Day 4 Frustration !!

It has been a bit of a frustrating day today we seem to have been chasing the GRIB files looking for wind. we have a northerly wind flow of 8 to 10 knots, but at the moment we have taken our sails down and checking the batten tension.

As we were stationary fishing line out the back, expecting sushi very soon now...... probably not with my luck.

Yesterday we made a valiant attempt to bake bread in our cobb oven, to say it was probably not the best made bread in the world would be correct. An early indication was the first slice of bread was still a bit gooey, so it went back in to the cobb, only to come out 40 mins later looking a lot better. That was until we tried to cut it the carving knife did not touch it we resorted to a hack saw, and that got through the loaf just fine. Any help on making bread would be email Pelican.

We have discovered a small leak in the log housing this was successfully repaired by the ingenious use of cable ties and a generous application of sillglass tape.

Other than that sprits are high and we are having a lot of fun in the sun!

Happy days


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