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Mustique - Log Day 2 Wed 22/11 - just around the next corner ...

Things are much more sedate on board in light winds - no rolling from side to side is a big plus.

Yuki is much happier as she has her sea legs for sailing but rolling around in the swell she spent more time rocking side to side to stay upright than moving forward. We have established our routine now during our night watch Yuki enjoys digestive biscuits dipped in my tea. She is attached at night to the spray hood but always seems to get herself in a knot around the table. 

Today I successfully managed to plot my position from a morning sight and sun meridian with Stefan's help, chocolate and fizzy orange to celebrate! Yesterday's sights didn't go to plan and finding the sun using a sextant for the first time was problematic, looking forward to taking sights for the rest of the crossing.

We are all well on board everyone has showered including Yuki she was very excited for a shower. Fin has cooked some lovely lunches and dinners, which we have enjoyed together around the cockpit table, I could get used to Atlantic crossings on Mustique! Our avocados have all ripened together so we'll be having lots of those in the next few days. We also all have our fingers crossed that we'll catch some fish soon we've had two bites today but sadly didn't manage to keep them. Yuki is in charge of spotting fish, she made a big sigh when she realised nothing was on the end of our line earlier.

We are sailing in style on Mustique!


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