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Wild Iris - Trans-Atlantic 5: Sat phone and weather routing

We have been amazed at how the SatPhone has changed life at sea. The volume of data available is immense…. But that hasn't made the decision making easier! In this photo PredictWind give 4 options for the crossing the Atlantic. Two saying go hard North to avoid the light winds, one saying go hard south and one model picking its way through the middle road of light airs. After 14 days at sea they all suggest arriving within hours of each other! We opted for the southerly route. There is about 3 hours of work per day to fully download and analyse all the data! I’ve been exchanging emails with the PredictWind support team whilst at sea and they have been great explaining how things work. And … when the predictions disagree they we all agree that we should just forget the technology, stick our heads out of the boat and go for best VMG! Oh and one side effect for those still in employment… the world can still communicate with you.


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