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Hot Stuff -

Day 8 The one where Bella gets hit by a fish

Feeling pretty jammy today as this afternoon marks the start of downwind sailing and the world's longest home straight.

I am a bit of a wildlife geek so sightings so far include... the luminescent plankton that marks our way through the ocean most nights along with flashing jellyfish and occasionally we see the shadows and sounds of dolphins playing in our wake. During the day they seem a bit preoccupied with fishing and I hope they are having more luck than us... so far two plastic bags are all we have caught. A very lost looking turtle came up for air next to us. Wildlife sighting of the week goes to Bella who got hit in the back by a flying fish and only realised after Naomi informed her with a few expletives. After lot of flapping from fish and crew alike fish returned itself to the ocean.

This afternoon brought a small wind hole, giving us the opportunity to sort our lives out after a few days being healed over. Lots of saltwater showers, laundry, sorting through rubbish and of course rigging checks!

I went up the mast rocking the cycle helmet over sun hat look. After a bit of staring at split pins got to admire the view which turned out to be a whole lot more Atlantic ... no ships, no whales, no land just one 40.7ft boat beneath me filled with the most supportive, non judgemental and patient crew anyone could ask for.

Quote of the day: Kat "I feel like I am stuck in a screensaver"

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