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EH01 - Day 8, Monday, 27.11

Well, we’re back after a few days of funky, upwind sailing. We made some progress over the past few days with the help of a low pressure system giving us plenty of wind. However, it seems there is not much wind behind it apart from a new high pressure system developing which does not have any breeze. Hence we couldnt stay slightly N of the rhumb line (as previously planned) and head straight towards St Lucia but we have to duck due south to catch the trade winds which will be driven by the high pressure system I mentioned above. So if everyone is wondering why we are sailing away from St Lucia that is the reason.
Conditions are very light but at least we are moving south. It’s going to stay light for the next 2-3 days but we hope to catch the trades towards the second half of the week and make up for the lost miles.
The sun is out, the ocean is almost like a glass and the boat looks like a laundrette with all gear hanging all over to dry. Our biggest concern is losing the fishing competition between the 3 PYR boats so the line is out, testing all our lures and waiting for the next catch!
Here are a few words from one of our crew, Alison, check out what she thinks about the experience so far.
Always onwards and upwards!
News from EH01, November 27, 2017
Well, much has happened since our Delicious Dorado! We went looking for wind to the north and found it. Skipper Andras carefully guided us through strong winds and waves and we truly became cohesive teams on watch, tacking, reefing and changing sails to make the most of the wind. Crew spirits remain high with much laughter – many thanks to Dinos! We got to use our rain gear... we brought it, after all! Stargazing is amazing and we are sharing our astronomy facts. Team bonding happened over hot chocolate at night and hot porridge in the morning. Fishing line out but waiting for next catch. Sleep now is a gentle lull having experienced 4m waves and now 4m swells.  Heading south to the tradewinds and enjoying music, camaraderie and potatoe salad. Today is an easy sail and although St.Lucia is a ways away... that doesn’t seem to matter so much... all smiles. Signed, Alison

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