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NoStress - Log Day 8 - Hobson’s Choice

We reviewed the updated weather forecasts this morning and it appears the Atlantic winds aren’t finished taunting us yet.

The heavy weather system has already come further south than anyone predicted and there’s a big hole (no wind) between the northern and southern weather patterns. Latest computer models advise avoiding the hole that’s ahead of us on our current course due south and turning North-West to beat into the breeze and head north of the rum line. If we do that then we’re back into the weather that has been poorly predicted so far and we still have to find a way to cross the hole. We decided to press further south and hope that the weather gods in the tropics will throw us a bone in the next day or so. If we could pick up the trade winds on the other side then even: “boredom might be a problem”...

With strategy discussed at length the team set about the day’s duties and Pandora’s box was once again opened. Batons in the main sheet were refashioned and replaced. An errant unit in the navigation system was eliminated and Archie is now back online. The calmer waters also allowed us to do some general cleaning and tidying and even catch a little rest.

It’s been a good day. NoStress handled the rough weather well, but in the more sedate open seas she’s a joy to sail, cruising along at 8 knots in a steady breeze - she responds readily to the helm and glides across the open water with a graceful ease. We were joined by another family of dolphins as Claire was at the wheel and we’ll take this as a positive portent for the days ahead.

As I finish writing this the team are preparing for the evening watches again. Dinner was steak with potatoes and green beans - the luxury of a calm sea giving us a chance to properly cook. And Jake is trying to reel in his second catch. I hope Poseidon doesn’t take unkindly to us absconding with one of his children!

There’s a pleasant calmness onboard. A good day’s work has been done and we’re into darkness with placid seas for the first time. Here’s hoping for more wind - but from a different source - tomorrow.

Until then, thanks for reading you lovely people,

Alex, Nick, Claire, Des, Jake & Paul


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