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Interlude - Bouncing around in our bunks ... listening to other boats' travails

We cannot but hear the odd radio chat at the moment. It seems that a few boats have had to turn back to Las Palmas and those that continued on a north westerly direction have been rather knocked about in large winds and big seas. One racing boat even had problems with his mast and has had to redirect to Cape Verde.

Bob’s secret tinkering

We have a secret weapon on ‘Interlude’ our ‘tinkerer’ Bob. Bob has for hours secreted himself in the engine room on a secret project that I’m not allowed to disclose here. But from the ooohs! aahs! and clanking going on I think we were successful. Suffice to say at this point that he was amazingly successful and we made an immediate and dramatic change in direction as a result ..everyone wearing an evil smile.

Where did they all go?

Where did all those boats go? From a very cosy start with boats all around us now there is no one. Nothing, Zippo, empty ..even lonely.
Is it something we said?

All looks good on the weather and our direction

..just had the latest weather pretty pictures in over the satellite (GRIB files for nautical types) and all looks good for the foreseeable few days. No changes needed for us.

(This particular blog put together by John and may or may not be complete imagination – You choose!)

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