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Hot Stuff - lizzys blog

Well, it's been a week! But not one that the crew will have recognised ever before. There was no Monday morning dread, no early morning spin class or Friday night drinks. It has been a week of routine, but also one of a new, much more simple way of living. The repetitive schedule of eat, sleep, sail, repeat, that to some may sound monotonous, brings with it a sense of freedom that it is hard to find anywhere else in the world, and it is this feeling that brings me out onto the ocean again and again, and that the crew are now starting to thrive on.

They are doing an awesome job at keeping Hot Stuff moving in more or less the right direction, keeping us fed, watered and most importantly, entertained. Nothing is too much to ask of them, be it a down wind reef when we have been a bit enthusiastic with our sail plan, a coffee at 3am or a rig check in a rolling ocean swell. When seas sickness has come to bite, others step in to help with jobs, and even waking up the 2am watch has yet to produce too much grumpiness.

As you will have seen from the tracker we have opted for the old, "go south until the butter melts" navigational strategy, however, with no butter on board we are having to use other methods of forecasting. Our current plan is to sit in this area of light wind, that I have named the starting blocks, and wait for the trade winds to fill in tomorrow and shoot us across to St Lucia. It looks due to fill in from the NE on Monday and then it's down hill all the way, easy right?!

Lots of love to family, friends and followers at home, we are thinking of you and talk of family and home dominates the night watches, so don't worry you are all with us in spirit!

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