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Charm - Day 4 - nothing broke

The blurring has begun to set in. That feeling, whenever you do the same thing for a while, when you start to lose track of days and time and feel like what you're doing is what you've always been doing and will always do.

Our days have variety but, as I sit here in the dark, in front of the lights of the instruments, I have the strangest sensation that I've always been here, writing this to you, whoever you are. It's a bit unnerving. Then I'll hit send and it will be gone.

Enough about that.

Nothing broke today. No one and no things fell off the boat, except those that were deliberately released during a brief round of rotten-fruit tennis. Tim pitched and everyone got a hit except Kent who was down below resting up for his watch.

Only the overripe papaya did any lasting damage to the cleanliness of the deck.

We've adopted a 3 days on, 1 day off schedule for school while at sea so tomorrow is our first day off. I think all of the members of Charm School are ready for a short break.

Part of the blurring may be due to our time change. There's a difference of 4 hours between Cabo Verdes and St. Lucia so we've decided to change the time by one hour every 3 days. Today was the first change. It's amazing the difference one hour makes!

Nothing too interesting to report. Tim made a delicious chili for lunch and Joe made sautéed sausage and peppers with baked potatoes. We're eating very well so far although I'm wondering if our fresh produce is going to stretch all the way.

Our weather strategy seems like it will work. From what we've heard, most other boats are also heading south. I've heard that, to find the trade winds, people used to say, "Go south until the butter melts." So we put out a dish of butter. But the saying is miserably vague on the details. Is the butter "melted" if it's easily spread or does it have to be a puddle? If we put the butter in the sun, it will clearly melt but, in the shade, it retains its shape. So, we're going to stick with the imported weather data that Joe and Kent are interpreting and use the butter for the banana bread and brownies.

I'm still not sure if anyone can see the photos I'm loading but I'll send another along anyway. Maybe Aunt Rita will let me know?

-The Charmers

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