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Charm - Day 3: the hammock

A quick entry today. We have just decided to head south to try to pick up stronger winds. Hopefully the gamble will pay off. Like everything else in sailing, it's a slow game.

Another nice day on the water, with the exception of the hammock. The 3 kids and I all piled into the hammock for "Read aloud time" as we have done many times before. Unfortunately this was one time too many. The strap that I had noticed before as slightly chafed had apparently progressed to its failure point because it broke and we all fell onto the cushions below.

All except poor Cobin who landed with me pushing him onto a wood edge that gave him a big bruise on the back of his head. For the rest of the day, Tully continued to accuse me of breaking the hammock. Cobin defended me, saying it was all of us and that the hammock wasn't really broken, only the strap we had tied to the boat frame, but it didn't matter to Tully. She knew the culprit and it was I.

We did a spinnaker change which was fun and Joe and Tim did a marathon plank set. I'm going to attempt to send a photo. If it succeeds, I will send more with future posts.

Tim is at the helm and I am off to sleep, certainly to dream, probably of falling!

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