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Kiloran of Edinburgh - Day 5 - Five million million to one

Ah Hoy

Haddock here again with some deep fishy thoughts................

Today imagine your a fish, a flying fish Mid-Atlantic, sun shining, calm
(ish) day (less than 13 knots and waves one foot high....usual stuff)
your feeling frisky and pretty cool about life after all you're special
and very privileged. Most fish can't fly in fact only flying fish can fly!

Dolphins, they think they can talk, but they don't have wings and will
never soar like you do and they can't breath under water, whats's clever
about that? Many fish have amazing qualities, the star fish for example.
The blue whale, blue and big (still can't breath under water). Gold
fish, looks valuable but isn't, a loner who swims in circles. Dog fish
can't even bark he is not a dog, he's really just 'a fish' cat fish
don't ever resemble cats and Blow fish....... a terrible reputation.

Ok I hear you say some birds can swim, penguins, but thay can't even fly
and Emues can't fly or swim. So yes, you're very special.

So off you go... big effort and, wow, your an eagle, catch the wind
right and what a sensation, one, two, three hundred meters then splash
(you never quite perfected a graceful landing but) boy that was fun.


Scything through the air, master of the universe, a fighter pilot, the
coolest of the cool fish then, BANG- a sail in the face, tumble then
teak deck.

What were the chances?

Your lovable skipper at 17 degrees N., 24 degrees W.
Capt Haddock
(You could have haddock all)

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