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Neverland - Day 5 - visitors

So we are still eating Tuna…one fillet fed three of us for dinner, then Tom made up some tuna nigiri for lunch which was amaaaazing! There is also a seared fillet coated in toasted sesame seeds in the fridge and the fourth fillet in the freezer. Reckon I could have fed a dinner party of 12 with the amount of meat that came off Petunia the Tuna. Dad and Tom have been hunting for Dennis the Dorado so I can cut him up and make him into some delicious ceviche. Yum. They better do it quick because my lemons and limes have seen better days.

In other, even more exciting news, in the last 24 hours we have seen sea turtles and for the first time ever…a whale. Not a pilot whale or anything that likes to call itself a whale when really it’s just an oversized dolphin. I mean a massive whale. A real life David Attenborough moment. The boys were engrossed in a lengthy discussion about the wind (my god I feel like I’m stuck in a repetitive nightmare of endless discussions and debates about the direction and strength of the bloody wind) so I’m looking out to sea using the sound of the waves as the next best thing to ear plugs when I turn to see this HUGE tail fin above the water which without a sound or so much as a splash disappears beneath the waves. It can’t have been more than 15 meters in front of the boat (if that). Definitely THE most amazing thing I’ve seen so far but also a little scary and a bit too close for comfort. I can’t say I slept the most soundly last night as thoughts of enormous whales swimming beneath me whirled around my mind. If we get another overly curious visitor of the same proportions I thought I might either try speaking whale like Dory has taught me and kindly asking he or she to give us a wider berth OR failing that, preforming my rendition of ‘Under the sea’ from Disney’s The Little Mermaid – daaaarling it’s better down where it’s wetter take it from me. If the song doesn’t do it then my singing probably will. I think maaaybe I’ve been at sea too long…

One final snippet from yesterday, last night on a pitch black moonless night, an enormous flying fish narrowly missed the back of Toms head as it hurled itself into the cockpit. Worth noting this is the second biggest fish Tom has ever ‘caught’. Picture this, Tom, who in the current state of darkness might as well be blind, is huddled up and most likely playing solitaire on his night watch – he likes to consider himself a bit of a card shark. Suddenly he hears a loud thud right next to him, followed by frantic flapping and an overwhelming smell of fish…this time Dad and I were woken up by the sound of his shrieks and Dad was called up onboard to dispatch our smelly hitchhiker overboard. I’m glad for the fishes sake it missed but for the hilarity factor I kind of wish it had hit the bullseye…I’ll probably get fish slapped tonight for saying that…


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