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Lexington - Captain Bob: 11/9/2017. 25*. 42' south. 43*. 01' east

We are still making slow progress. We are lucky in that we carry more fuel than some boats. Then again some boats are forced to be better sailors because they do not carry as much fuel. Yesterday one boat made 30 miles trying to tack into the wind. We are about 600 miles from Richards Bay. The winds are supposed to begin changing direction in the next 12-24 hours. After that we will hopefully have a few good runs and get there before the weather turns bad in the Agulhas current. I do not know why I did not buy a plane. We will be sailing thru a high pressure area so it should be sunny. It is amazing that most people keep a good attitude with adverse weather. It is sort of not socially accepted to not say "we have had a great day of sailing"
May fair winds fill your sails with a good attitude

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