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Kiloran of Edinburgh - Day 3 - You've never haddock so good

Ahoy from a far.

It's a braw moon lit nicht the nicht, but in yonder silvery sea filled
with things that would cut a man in half with a single bite, I see a
distance to travel to the safe bosom of a welcoming harbour. Not a
single ship in sight now for long days on end but for the bucceneers on
board the good ship Charm. The salty graveyard around us and the open
lonely seas would surely spell doom for all souls on board Kiloran... if
it were not for the copious amounts of food, the hot and cold running
water, (the water maker) the air conditioning, the 3 GPS systems and the
fridge-freezer, oh and not forgetting the sextant the satellite phone,
the autopilot the DVD player, the radio and the washer dryer, we would
all most probably have perished by now. So you see luck has been on our
side this time (so far). We have been spared the cruel cruel sea, which
rumours started by old beardy himself, Capt. Tibbs, is capable of winds
in excess of more then 13 knots and waves higher than a foot. But it has
been a close shave, as the legend Blackbeard probably never said, some
bananas have turned black, the bosuns shoes smell, and nespresso
captuals for the iced coffee are almost gone. Indeed on board I have
even heard the words "do you think there is an Apple Store in Cape
Verde?"......... mouse playing up aparently.

Question is: "Genoa good thing when you see it?"

Yours at 18 degrees N, 21 degrees W

Capt McHaddock

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