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Kiloran of Edinburgh - Day 4 - Blue Planet III

Found: two pairs of sea legs. Lost: accurate sense of humour as irony on
Kiloran surfs high above the bow-line. The lastest from skipper "flying
fish can surf 25 miles" - can someone sane on the outside please clarify?

Our migratory "cape robin" has recentlly vacated our stern deck having
spent considerable time this morning ungratefully avoiding home-made
waterbaths, oats and raisens. At such a small size, with no food, water
or shelter he is still travelling 10x faster than us, in the same wind.
Kiloran is clearly an evolutionary dead end.

While the flying fish may also be travelling faster than us, they appear
to be less successful than our fluffier friends at righting their course
following their rest on board. Unsure whether a wildlife emergency would
grant me a warrant to harness on and leave the cockpit by night there
have, alas, been multiple casualties.

Of late, there have also been dolphinological wonders to put Blue Planet
II to shame, from phosphorescence streams to spotlight sightings of pods
amongst jumping cigarette ends and salt-water goldfish by night to me
dangling from the bow to get the malfunctional GoPro selfy stick down
for an underwater shot. Thanks to our skipper's (minimal) foresight, our
attempts at species identification have been less futile than for our
flying friends of the permanently airbone variety.

In other news, we had been tempted to go for a paddle having been lulled
into a false sense of security by a sunbathing sea turtle. However, the
following sighting of a sultry shark has dampened our yearning for a
quick soak. So as not to focus entirly on the marine animal realm, the
man drawer has been temporarily renamed "LGBT+ drawer" until a preferred
acronym satisfying the straight men on board can be sourced.

Until tomorrow xoxo

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