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Neverland - Day 4 - A day to remember

Mr Darling’s log 08/11. The day started with great excitement as Wendy and myself were sharing the dawn watch. As the sun peaked over the horizon we decided to try and catch breakfast. We chose the largest and ugliest squid lure which I nicknamed MC. Within approximately 30 minutes the rod bent violently and the line began to scream off the real. Captain Peter was awoken by a shrieking Wendy, stumbled from his bunk, grabbed the rod and attempted to control the line that was disappearing off the real at break neck speed. We will never know whether it was an elusive tuna or more likely, in my opinion, a Soviet submarine. Either way, it was huge, the line snapped and MC is know more much to Wendy’s disappointment.

As the day progressed the winds have dropped off significantly. Captain Peter has decided we must head south to catch the winds. This has meant leaving our present rhumb line (please note impressive use of seaman terminology) and motoring 100 miles due south along the African coast.

With time to kill I decided to put the invaluable skills I learned watching Blue Peter to the test and fashioned a lure out of a large Evian bottle, wire trace and Wendy’s neon orange nail varnish. The hope is that this large rattling surface lure will encourage the monster from beneath, the one that stole MC, to have another go…the lure has been aptly named ‘Wendy’s Revenge’!

Our day was brightened and heightened significantly by the visit of a school of pilot whales off our stern and later a pod of large bottlenose dolphins which spent 15 minutes gambolling in our bow wave whilst we watched with broad smiles from the deck above. A simply beautiful sight.

Wendy cooked an excellent lunch of pizza and caprese salad and we look forward to home cooked meatballs for supper. I’ll be on washing up duty!


Stop press 1730hrs. As I was finishing up this blog post Wendy’s Revenge skied across the water rattling away the main rod suddenly slammed over and the line once again screamed out. Captain Peter shot across the deck at electrifying speed! As he grabbed for the rod the hook was set and the fight was on. 20 minutes later….success!!! A beaut 71cm, 20lbs tuna is now filleted and sitting in the fridge. Tuna is back on the menu kids! Well done Team Neverland.

Mr Darling (aka Matthew). Out.


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