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Nutcracker - Log Day 1 - The Last Land Meal

The first day began at a mellow pace with the crew crawling out of bed. The only sustenance was stale croissants and cold coffee but still, spirits were high.

After the discovery of yet another unexplained scratch on the owners car - the day could only get better? A shaky start to the jobs list, the dinghy cover didn't fit and still no one had managed to make a warm cup of coffee. However, crew spirit prevailed and the jobs were done before nightfall.

The crew were briefed whilst sipping the first hot drink of the day, a cup of Yorkshire's finest - and things were definitely looking up.

The appetite was built, the table booked and the crew (well most of them) were ready for dinner. A glass of Rioja or a cold Cerveza greeted us and during the wait for the last member to arrive, talk turned to all things football - and as the skip's team is Chelsea, no more will be said.

Has he arrived yet? Ah there he is, a toast to a safe and speedy passage and now back to the last supper.

Cabin Boy's Nautical Notes 

Entry I:
Unfortunately due a change in command, he's been locked away but we promise to let him out soon.

Dad Joke of the Day

'That bar mosquito looks like an odd place'
'Yeah but I bet it's got a real buzz to it' Martin Saxon


The Skip.

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