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Ximera - Day seventeen - We step onto the train

13∞09.52N - 045∞04.54W --> 13.31.64N - 047∞47.49W

Some days ago we talked about the trade winds, but in fact it is only since a couple of days that we have had a constant wind (15-20 knots) in the day and in the night, without squalls or any other weather changing.

Despite the name 'trade winds', it brings to my mind the slave trade, but for the sailors these winds are a real blessing.

Wind, waves and current collaborate together and push the boat forward smoothly. Basically you set the sails and jump onto a train heading West shouting: 'take me to the Caribbean please'. Nothing more to do, maybe adjust your heading a bit once in a while, decide if and when to gybe from an apparent wind angle of 165∞ on the starboard side to the opposite wind angle on the port side.

Apart from that we spend hours discussing what to eat, whether to fish and what our super human power would be.


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