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Skyelark of London - Day 19

Day 19

We had an exciting night last night. After our excitement last night , at
about 23.00 last night we noticed a dark cloud approaching us from the
stern. Dan thought we were OK in our set up, so we were just to keep an eye
on it. Dan came on deck anyway, just in case. About 10 minutes later, wind
and sea started to build. A further 10 minutes on and we were in a force 7
gale. Winds were steadily above 24kts, gusting to 28 kts. We actually saw
11.8kts of boat speed at one point. The ride was very exciting , and for me
personally, the absolute highlight of the entire trip, as I was on the helm
for over an hour at the peak of this squall. The wind dropped a little and
we took the opportunity to add an extra reef for the rest of the night.
Fortunately, the winds held up through the rest of the night and we saw a
trip record of 202 miles covered in 24 hours - 9am to 9am. during the day we
also caught our biggest fish of the trip so far- a Dorado of about 9kgs at
about 10.30am. We enjoyed a stunning weather day, with good winds staying
with us all day. Then at about 17.00 we caught our second good sized Dorado
of the day - although this one was only some 4kgs, it was still a lovely
fish that provided us with a very pleasant evening meal - baked with white
wine, garlic and a little butter! We are all anxiously watching our position
in the fleet, with high hopes of a podium finish tomorrow night!
Bye the way- an update on Eddy the Egret- he has learned quickly and today
was the perfect boat pet- staying on his designated stern corner of the deck
and out of trouble. It is indeed very funny to watch him when we catch a
fish, he has quickly learned to move out of the way and wait- eagerly
stretching his neck to its fullest extent to watch for the handout at the
completion of filleting the catch- I have a sneaking suspicion that if Dan
wants to get rid of him, he is going to have to forcibly remove him- I think
he has decided he has found heaven!


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