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Endeavour of Cork - The End of the Adventure!

Well, here we are, Day 1 in St. Lucia (don't worry, I'm not starting another chapter of the blog!), we're all cleaned and showered and fed and watered and it's AMAZING!!!

We got in at 8pm local time last night, and went for a few celebratory, and VERY welcome, beers. Needless to say we were all cheap dates!

Anais is gone already - some friends of hers had chartered a catamaran from Martinique, and because we were delayed arriving she missed her flight to meet them, so they sailed down and she jumped aboard and is gone off on a new sailing adventure for herself around the Caribbean. All very James Bond - I have to admire her energy!

Dermot has escaped the confines of the boat and has gone off to burn some of his pent-up energy on a beach nearby.

Conor is knee-deep in paperwork getting the boat cleared through customs and immigration and with the ARC office.

Denise and Laura and myself are getting the boat back into some sort of shape - although thanks to Denise it never got too bad in the first place - we'll be out in the midday sun soon to hose the decks down and then we'll be all shipshape again.

And then let the holiday begin!!!

The boats are continuing to arrive in - about five of us arrived within half an hour last night - and it's great fun putting faces to boat names that we felt we got to know through the radio net - everyone has their own tales of their crossing and there's great chit-chat around the marina - we definitely won't be lonely or bored for the week!

It's been a fantastic experience, and thanks once again to Denise and Conor for making it happen, and to everyone who got in touch with us and kept us up to date and entertained while we were at sea - we couldn't have done it without ye!!

For the last time, from a very proud Endeavour, and Mairead - over and out!!!

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