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La Contenta - La Contenta Day 6. We're going where the sun shines brightly

We’re going where the sun shines brightly......
Six days in and ‘where is the sun?’  We know its there, but its teasing us.  Small sport of blue can be seen intermittently on the horizon, but our world is grey.  Many shades of grey.  We got very excited this morning to wake up to sunshine and a stunning sunrise, we eagerly found the buried sun tan lotion, and within half an hour the fleeces were back on! 
Our days are simple;  They orientate around sleep, food, music and the current weather.  We are all sharing the cooking and our very individual styles are surfacing.  Our meal plan is influenced by what fresh supplies needs to be eaten which leads to creativity.  Cal and Dave are both instinctive cooks using their palate to blend flavours. M-C has a few tried and tested recipes that keep surfacing, and Ewen is finding his hidden Nigella.  He has suggested that the next Masterchef series needs to be filmed on a boat out in the ocean.  The challenges of keeping the ingredients and the utensils just where needed whilst developing core strength, balance and agility are proving entertaining! 
Now the seas have flattened a little Cal has been able to get his guitar out.  Its a pure joy to hear Irish ballads drifting out whilst on watch.  He has risen to the challenge to compose a boat song for LC. At the moment if we try to glance over his shoulder to see what he has written, he covers it up and we are told to be patient.  We have a competition on with yacht Falabrach – the best piece of artwork (painting, poetry, dance or music) to be shared quay side on arrival in Rodney Bay.
Dave is desperate to get our sextant out but it remains buried in the cupboard.  We dream of sunny skies and an ocean of the deepest blue.  Last year we managed daily sun sites.  The discipline of timing and accuracy became competitive between the crew.  This year we are grateful for our GPS!
Ever hopeful our fishing line is out daily.  So far no joy.  I was going to say no bites but that is not strictly true.  The first bite took our lure, weight and all of the line, and the second bite bit through the metal wire.  Maybe tomorrow the skies will be blue and fish will be on the menu....

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