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Mustique - Day 3 - Second Blog - Wind, steak, and no dog overboard

Greetings from Caro! I think I was selected to write this second blog because of my former career in journalism, when I wrote restaurant reviews for The Dallas Morning News. Regardless, no experience is needed to grasp that we are being well fed by Captain Fin, aka Chef Fin. Last night’s steaks with whiskey and cream sauce made up for a day of desultory wind, at best. The day also gave us an opportunity to visit more with one another, read our Kindles, and observe First Mate Stefan take Yuki for a walk to the bow and back. After wrestling with Stefan on the aft deck, Yuki settled in for yet another nap, preparing for her feast of steak bits.

Last night the doldrums dissipated and we had a fine night of sailing in winds blowing about 15. Those of us bunking on the starboard side have our canvas lee cloths up, tightly strung perpendicular to the bunk, so we sleep halfway on the mattress and halfway in the canvas. This means that Liv, in the bunk above me, has to vault over her lee cloth to get into bed. Her technique involves walking on the wall and doing some Olympic gymnastic moves as well Good thing she has youth on her side!

Fin was roused from his sleep at about 4 a.m. when a loud alarm went off. Yuki’s man/dog overboard device was erroneously activated. Hmmm — could it have had anything to do with the fact that she and I were snuggling a bit during my watch? Shhh. Anyway, we’ve already had more than enough excitement related to Yuki, since she was dog-napped in Gran Canaria. After being taken from the car, the slipped her collar and was found running down the street. Thank goodness!

Mustique is such a seaworthy vessel, and Fin and Stef are brilliantly competent. There — I used one of my new British words. “Brilliant” must be pronounced with three syllables and said with a smile, I’ve been told. Mark seems to think that tea time comes every 30 minutes, so I am being thoroughly indoctrinated. Friends in the USA: You may notice a bit of a British accent when I return home. With 5 Brits on board, and only one Dane and one Montenegran, the English accent is winning! In the midst of it all, Yuki remains silent, taking it all in with aplomb..

Signing off, while thoroughly enjoying this fantastic experience. — Carol

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