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Endeavour of Cork - Day 6-7 Friday-Saturday

This will be the last watery blog for the moment!

We hope to arrive in Cape Verde in the early hours of Saturday morning, all going well. We're landing at Mindelo, Sao Vicente - not the biggest island of the archipelago, nor one I'd ever heard of before. Always interesting to arrive somewhere brand new!

We had a close pass-by with another ARC+ boat earlier this afternoon, it's given us a focus to see who can arrive first!!

After the high spirits of this morning, it all went very quiet on board this afternoon - everyone was reading or dozing, and the champagne conditions had returned with blue skies and sea, reminding us all of why we came to do this!!

After the flying fish episode last night, Anais is unsure of whether to worry more about a flying fish landing in through our cabin window onto our bunks in the dead of night, or the fact that Conor is issueing mozzie nets for all of our windows for our few days stopover.

We've heard from various sources that water is a very scarce resource in Cape Verde - apparently they can go for up to a year without rain, so they make a lot of their water with diesel generators (I'm still not sure if Dermot is winding me up with that particular fact!) - and water for anything, including showers, costs 20c per litre!!! There goes the long, long luxurious showers that we were all so looking forward to three times a day!!

Conor is already lining up the jobs for when we're in the marina - halyards to be changed, diesel tanks to be tidied up, more supplies to be got, minor running repairs to various bits of gear - and most important of all, get a set of (non-plastic, at Denise's insistence) cups that don't fall over as easily as the current ones, which are more like skittles than stable boat accoutrements!

So, till the next time we post from land (Whoop Whoop, Hurray from Laura)

Endeavour, over and out!!--

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