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Unconditional - ARC+ Day 3: Licking our wounds

Losing our Gennaker/A-Symm from our downwind inventory, and with a pole requiring a new catch at the CAR interface, we were limited in our sail options. Also, and most importantly, the 8’waves tossed the boat around more than my wife “the Admiral” cared for. We therefore utilized our smaller staysail to reduce the amount of sail area and curtail excessive yawing. I am not as interested in winning as much as keeping the Admiral from getting upset, which also means arriving into Mindelo in daylight on Friday – a challenge!
While no longer ‘rocketing along,’ our direction improved and we claimed 2nd in Class 1B by Wednesday noon. The Oysters in the ARC+ seem to be sailing well, and ours is a 49.
Tom Hughes

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