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White Satin - Provisioning Part 1

Wednesday 9th November


Our Spanish is limited but even we can manage to understand “Donald Trump gana les elecciones a EEUU.”   We thought he was looking downcast when we went to bed last night so it was a big surprise this morning.  We thought the world had gone mad when Brexit happened, now we know it is so.


The serious business of provisioning actually began last Easter with a trip to Marks & Spencer for some tinned meals, which have sailed with us all the way from the UK.  We came up with a provisional menu for 21 days’ worth of meals (if we are at sea for any longer than this we will be onto half rations!) over the summer, although since being here supplies are more varied and plentiful than expected so there will be changes to improve that.  When there isn’t a lot to do at sea, the evening meal will be one of the highlights of the day.


We are storing as much as we can for the second half of the crossing under the floorboards, this is putting weight low down in the boat which will aid stability and helps with space, which is at a premium; then one day we will just unscrew the floorboards and replenish our stocks.  You can see from today’s photograph that we have written on the lids a description of the contents of each tin, just in case the labels drop off, we don’t want to open a can of baked beans thinking it is custard!  We are allowing for a 2 litre bottle of water per person per day plus one can of fizzy drink (non-alcoholic)as a treat.


Every evening the ARC team organise ‘sundowner’ drinks; these are sometimes sponsored by companies/businesses whose goods/services are useful to the participants.  Last night we were provided with some fabulous meats to try from one of the local butchers; they will vacuum pack the meat to prolong its shelf life, and deliver to the boat the day before we depart.  This is a service we will most definitely be using.  Many of the larger boats have a freezer, our fridge is a good size for the boat and has both a top and a front opening – but it is still nothing compared to the huge fridges we are used to at home. 


Busy times.


Love to all.




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