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White Satin - ARC+ departs + MOB Alert - well COB actually

Sunday 6th November


Last night, after a hard day’s work/shop exploration, as it was Saturday evening, David and Vicki decided to treat themselves to a meal out in the centre of town.    This was about a 30 min walk away; en route many roads were blocked as it was the local road running race (10/21km) – just as well Jon isn’t here or he would have been off (Paul isn’t averse to the odd Park Run either).  It was interesting that this takes place at night – presumably because it is too hot during the day for such exercise, even at this time of year.


This morning, everyone was up and about early, disappearing off for showers etc. so there were plenty of people around on the pontoon.  Vicki walked along to find our next door neighbour kneeling on the pontoon, most concerned; further along is a live-aboard boat with a resident pet cat.  This poor cat had fallen into the water (Cat Over Board) and we thought for a short while that it was trapped underneath the pontoon.  Someone else was waking up the owner, when we suddenly spotted the cat swimming and meowing in-between the boats, a most unusual sight.  The owner hauled the cat out of the water – it was very lucky this incident had not taken place in the middle of the night.  We think we will keep to plan A in the future and go for a boat dog.


This morning, Vicki wandered off to find a local church, there has been a poster in the ARC office inviting ARC participants to a service this morning.  Unsure of exactly where to go she asked a girl who was walking along the street if she knew where the church was.  This girl said (in perfect English of course)that she was off to church and would show Vicki the way; Ola is a Polish student, studying Spanish & Italian at university and so spending a term here – oh yes, and she is also learning Latin and Portugese as well.  They attended an International church (we don’t think it was the one Vicki had originally set out to find), every verse of the songs was sung first in English then in Spanish, and the speaking was translated one sentence at a time.  It was all quite different from the sort of service Vicki is used to as there was a visiting pastor from Florida, but the people were incredibly friendly and there was a wonderful atmosphere.  Afterwards, Ola came with Vicki to watch the start of the ARC+ from the quayside, where they were joined by David and Ola’s roommate, Paul.  However, the heavens opened just at the crucial moment so we came back to the boat for a drink and a warm up (except the boys chose beer of course).  Today’s photograph is of Paul, Ola and Vicki sheltering from the rain; it has continued for most of the afternoon.


Anyhow, the ARC+ boats have gone so we wish them Fair Winds; they have a good weather forecast for the coming week and should have a good passage to Cape Verde – we will be tracking our friends and old neighbours.


Finally, new Norwegian neighbours arrived on our port side this morning.


International times.




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