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Two Fish - Day 35 - Where is the fishing gear?

New crew and Two Fish forge an understanding during their first full night at sea. Last night our crew Mike and Rebecca met Two Fish in an ocean breeze of 20 knots with squalls going over 30. Both crew and boat are unscathed and happy. Before buying a boat one might think passages are a test of your ability to fill empty time. You research workouts, download books and possibly pick up a crochet kit.
A night passage in a good breeze keeps the crew busy. Fishing sometimes takes second position to frequent sail changes, course adjustments, tracking other rally boats and avoiding ships. In the past 24 hours we have had the mainsail in FULL, 1 Reef, 2 Reef, 1 reef, Full. The headsail changes are a blur but as far as I can remember they were screecher, chute, genoa, genoa 1 reef, genoa 2 reef, screecher, genoa, genoa 1 reef, genoa 2 reef, genoa 1 reef, genoa 2 reef, genoa 1 reef, full genoa, and screecher. This does not include many jibes and other maneuvers. With all this work comes a peace that you have earned your place among the sea. That you belong out in the biggest ocean on earth. The word gets out and dolphins and whales come by the boat to greet the boat. The stars are told that you are a serious sailor and they twinkle a bit brighter. The sea bubbles with phosphorescence in concert with the stars. The wind gives you a hair style that proves you live at sea. Can life be any better?

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