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Nix - ARC+ leg 2 day 6

In the meantime we are used to this 24 hour per day roller coaster. Nico and Letty promised us a comforatble ride and with this promise in mind we became crew onboard beautiful Nix.
But like many other subjects in life, you can influence life but threre are moments that there comes an end to this and that we feel the confrontation with the conditions. But comparede to the  life our grandgrandgrandfathers in the golden age on their way to Indonesia to collect spices we are very goldenboys on a ship with all comfort, delicious food, books, a bed! So there is no reason for any complaints, in the contrary we enjoy every mile we are doing and each morning we gather round the computer to see if our efforts have paid of........And after work at deck there is time to read like Butcher's Crossing of John Williams and reading that book we realize how tough life really can be and that we are just in all aspects enjoying the sunny side of life. We hope to see you all soon In St Lucia, we probably are the only ship entering the harbour with an enlarged crew of seven instead of six as our flying friend in the meantime has become a reliable crewmember, having its meals in time and keeping an eye on what we are doing on deck 24 hours per day. We are happy to intoduce her to you when we are in St Lucia, she seems very interested to get to know as many sailors as possible!
So see you soon in ST  LUcia, Nix crew of seven.

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