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Widago - Last night in Bermuda

WIDAGO finally found good internet…..and it’s a cab ride away from St. George. Final preparations are being made, but almost everything is ready for the morning departure. Most importantly, the order was submitted to the bakery for 792 croissants, cinnamon buns, and scones. We will carb-load our way across the Atlantic. This passage will be our longest to date on WIDAGO, and just the five of us. I feel like I should be more anxious, but I’m not….perhaps Guyon found my stash of Xanax and has been secretly crushing it into my toothbrush. If so, well done Guyon. The boys are looking forward to taking more responsibility during this leg. Standing solo day watches, galley clean-up duty, and of course, cleaning their own toilets. Only hard part of the day was watching our friends leave to finish ARC USA. I definitely was glad to have on big sunglasses, as I admit I was a bit teary as Morning Haze cast off their lines. We are so grateful to have met such an amazing family.

Off to dinner and bed!

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