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OOROO1 - Fish, BBQ, Muffins and Squalls

Another great day to be alive on the Atlantic !! Gennaker up in the early morning to give us some speed through the light winds and after checking the GRIB files the Captain decided we should head South to 15 deg. This should get us on better stead for the trade winds for the remainder of the sail into St Lucia while hopefully dodging some squalls. About 20 dolphins joined us for a cruise and frolicked in and out of the bows. Fishing hit fever pitch yesterday with the excitement of bringing in a 90cm Mahi Mahi by a very excited Jeno. Mike was on the gaff and together they landed him at 8 knots. a lot of skill required to surf a big into the back of OOROO at that speed, gaff him and get him on board. Mahi Mahi on the menu. Fishing status is 10-7-3. Some toothy critters decided to steal another two of our lures !! Big steak on the BBQ for lunch, enjoyed at the table at 8 knots followed by freshly baked chocolate muffins. On the passage South the winds changed direction many times and at one point had us going SSE, then as the evening came we had a lightning storm appear on the horizon. After checking the radar, we managed to sail around the electrical storm, then we altered course towards St Lucia, and had variable winds and torrential rain for most of the night. The morning brought light winds and favourable seas so it was up with the Gennaker again after a radar check for squalls. OOROO sailed along nicely at 8 knots for about an hour until a gust hit us and caused a bad case of weather helm, spinning OOROO around. So it was all hands on deck and down with the Gennaker and back to conventional sails. During the 360 the auto pilot and wind meter decided to spit the dummy so we reverted to hand steering until the problem was solved. We are now Parasailing again with 578nm to go !!

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