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Louise - Blog 11 - 13th day at sea.

I performed fine last night and we made quite some nm. Now there is only 1274 nm till we reach our destination.

The commander has developed a sweet tooth! Whenever the cock lays out some sweets Jan finds them, and eats them. At home he never eats cake or sweets. Apparently the Atlantic has changed his habits!

The cock was sure there were plenty of sweets and biscuits, but now she has to ration. As to the rest of the food she still has a lot in stock and can make a variety of dishes.

Most of the day my crew has been on deck talking, reading, taking sun heights, and nursing me. It has been a beautiful sailing day. However Carina complains that it’s still too cold to wear bikini. I guess she will be able to do that shortly as we are heading south slowly. The water temperature is 22 degrees C.

I’m hoping to give the crew another great night on the ocean.

.... Hmm it turned out to be an exhausting night.

The weather was fine with a clear sky and a full moon, no signs of squalls so the radar was off as everything seemed peaceful.

But things are not always what the look like. At 01.00 suddenly the wind increased and I leaned over making the crew rush to the deck to see what was going on. They found that 3 huge squalls were surrounding  us. In a few seconds the wind increased from 15 kts to 37 kts. The skipper was busy guiding me through the squalls at a high speed, I made 9.4 kts which under other circumstances would have caused the crew to cheer, but with forceful wind and my sails not reefed they just concentrated on getting us through. And we succeeded. You can imagine the crew hurrying to reef the sails afterwards still with 25 to 30 kts wind. I guess they will keep the radar on for the rest of the night.

On behalf of Louise, Carina


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