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Webster - Log 22: Rock and roll blues

Thursday 12th December: Position 14 42'N 48 24'W. We're all getting a bit fed up with the constant rolling I sense, mainly because I for one certainly am even though it was expected. On deck first thing with an E 15-20knts blowing and big waves on the quarter and the boat just gyrating around. The auto helm handled it fairly well over night it must be said so took the pressure off.

The forecast for the day was for NE/E 19-24 knts increasing 20-25 knts with 27 knt gusts over next 36 hours. We have a load more of this to come then especially as 4-5m swells forecast to boot.

We were hand steering most of the day and getting 8/9 knts regularly.

Had a good clear out of the galley his morning, coffee grinds everywhere. Trouble is every time a cupboard is opened the contents are deposited on the floor. Serious sense of humour failure when the cutlery draw leapt off its rails and landed on my foot whilst making some lunch. Just everything is in a state of constant motion and nothing stays where you put it. I need eight arms, or a catamaran?

Cooked spaghetti carbonara for dinner served on deck at varying angles of heel and yaw. One hand for the plate and one for the saucepan, er no hands left to eat with. Then it started to rain would you believe! A quick clear up and in with the third reef in the main and just in time as a 35 knt squall hit hard. Rolled the jib away completely initially and rode it out still doing 7 knts in huge seas. The rolling was even worse if that is possible. We set a scrap of genoa on the goosewinged pole to balance her up a little which worked to an extent but it was a case of hand steering all night. A very long night indeed!

At least we are a day nearer St Lucia - just broken 600 nm to go!

Charlie- Webster

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