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Boingo alive! - 28/05/12 - The Commitment

After almost one year since the formal start of the project it is about the time to begin the blogging.

It started all with the commitment of tree skippers from the Region of Gstaad/Switzerland. After being in charge as project leader of tree Swiss participations in circumnavigations with WCC in the 90-ies, starting with a clean win on the first ever Leg of “WARC’s” (“Europa 92” – Gibraltar to Las Palmas) with “Oingo Boingo”, I always kept in my dreams/goals to do this again but as a/the Skipper, which was the Original plan anyway and since the start of the idea in the late 80-ies. However, it needed a long time to come to the point again and, unfortunately, an entire project being the Skipper is still not possibleL. Luckily I found share Skippers just around the corner in my beloved homeland in the famous mountain Region of Gstaad: Dominik “Dondi” Perreten from Lauenen (near Gstaad) and Konrad “Koni” Zeller from Grund (very near Gstaad), both people I know since very long as “locals of nautical style”, even we did sail rarely together.

“Boi ‘Ngo”, a Dufour 44 Performance of 2006 lying in Turkey, which I share with other close “offshore friends” of the past projects, was the basic, the fundamental guarantor to say YES! However, nothing was clear at the time – Will my partners let me go with “Boi ‘Ngo”? Will we break off for a new boat? Will we have the support and goodwill of my partners to share another yacht somewhere in the World? Nevertheless, we were so enthusiastic and positive that things turn right and therefore the “we go for it” was committed and the project started!


By the way: Music will be an important companion for all of us on our tour over the wide sea. Therefore I will regularly “nominate” personal songs typical for each time of the project phase. In the beginning it was “Me Meer” from “Halunke” – it means “More sea” from the Swiss Hip-Hop Combo “Halunke” (means “Rascal”), singing in our typical bernese dialect – check it out!


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