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Easy Rider - Easy Rider... Chief Engineers update ... Day 4

Time flews by when you are busy at sea! Instead of writing a lot of unimportant things i will just make a list of all the things we did the last 24 hours:
6:30 - Tightened in the genakker sheet about 10cm
10:30 - Eased off the genakker sheet about 10 cm
18:30 - Started the engine, though the wind is now officially dead
Because we have had such a hard day, Soy made a delicious slow roasted duck for dinner. You know, we really need something to keep up the morality, when you are working 24 hours a day!
300 miles to go now, or 47 hours at our current speed, which gives us an ETA at early saturday morning. Too late for the happy hour, but just in time to be free of hangovers saturday afternoon, as the bars might have closed when we arrive.
Thats it for now, i have a lot of coffee to be drunk before my watch ends in 2 hours.
Kristian Ebdrup / Easy Rider

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