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Azzurra - Azzurra update

Azzurra is about 400 miles from Portugal so we decided to have a "half-way"party. Got out our hats and party favors and Dawn made her famous boat drinks. Since the only party favors we could find in Ponta Delgada were birthday theme we opted for a birthday party and celebrated Ainsley and Johanna's April birthdays early (or late if you want to look at it that way). Lots of nice gifts, silly games, and crazy pictures. (Johanna won the contest for guessing the time of the half-way point). Finished off with movie night and cake. All in all a great day.

Part of the day was filled with Johanna's and my continuing discussion about time zone changes. Just when you all thought that we had put that topic to rest it rises up with all sorts of new twists and challenges. You would think with only one time zone to change it would be easy. But noooooo. We just had to address the possibility of numerous time changes to be least disruptive to our natural Arcadian rhythms. So it was concluded that the best course of action would be to change our ships clock at the rate of 1 minute for every 7 miles of distance covered. If our math is correct we would arrive in Lagos with the proper time zone set on our clocks and be happily adjusted to the local time. But when the rest of the crew threatened mutiny with having to constantly change their clocks we decided that we would do as we did on our first leg and that is to change our clocks when we arrive in port at Lagos.

The second topic that is sensitive concerns fishing. We have lost most all of our fishing tackle to the deep including complete reels of 100 pound, 85 pound and 50 pound lines. So when we heard LaChunga tell everyone over the radio that they had thrown back two fish because their freezer was full and that they were going to be eating fish for a week we decided to turn off our radios. They really know how to rub it in.

And finally I want to apologize for not keeping up with the blogs. Our crew rotation for writing the blogs has appeared to gone awry so I threatened to take away the grog until the crew puts on their witty thinking hats and come up with clever ways to describe the day to day sailing and port activities we have been doing. So you should be hearing about Ainsley's motorcycle mishap in Terceira, Johanna's narrow escape from being chased by the bulls, and Dawn's SSB net controller excitement in the near future.

Fair winds,

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