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Leviathan II - Log day 3 - Bay crossing highlights and arrival

It took us a little longer then expected to cross, due to unexpected wind and current directions. We experienced many different conditions, sometimes a steady 7-8 knots of speed, choppy waves and big swells, other times the wind was dead, the water flat. We spent most of the time heeled at a 40° angle, clinging onto the winches as our legs dangled over the cockpit. These conditions definitely kept us alert and awake, especially when you were sound asleep, curled up on the couch in your sleeping bag, and then theres a sudden tack that throws you across the saloon, I suppose you have to entertain yourselves somehow during those cold and boring night watches. In fact, the night watches were some of the most beautiful experieces some of the crew had, the skies so clear and sharp like a velvet blanket scattered with precious diamonds, the delicately lit milky way dusted across.

On one morning watch, sat shivering, waiting for the sun to rise to warm us up, one of the crew commented on how it was odd that we had’nt seen dolphins yet. And then out of no where, they appeared in the dozen, almost as if they were listening, knowing the night watchers needing a little lift. They stayed with us for ages, and came back every day after, diving through the waves and darting back and forth past the bow. They even made a midnight visit, breaking the silence of the night by flowing through the glittering planktons, leaving trails of iluminating green lights behind them.

We were 3rd to arrive at 09:00 Thursday morning, more then happy to get to land. With the crew looking a little worse for wear and starting to smell pretty funky, we were greeted by a sleepy-eyed Kieran who took a far from flattering crew photo before we headed to the showers and cracked open the breakfast Limoncello


Leviathan II 


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