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Johanem - johanem blog 9 June

At last we are off on the last leg of the MJ great adventure cruise, Santa Maria is receding into the distance - next stop Portugal.
The local Azores drummer band gave us a magnificent send off.
Charles, the latest mug - sorry volunteer - joined the motley crew last night - the Captain quickly removing his passport, desertion is not an option.
In the words of the Eagles, Hotel California "you can check out but you can never leave"

Party time - Johanem has just clocked up 20,000 miles, Well Done MJ's, fizz and celebrations all round.

We now are sailing East in the tracks of the famous Captain Joshua Slocum who first sailed alone around the world in the days before GPS, he left Horta on 24 July 1895 heading for Gibraltar in his sloop the Spray.

All well with the motley crew as we settle down to the routine of the voyage - How many Accountants does it take to change a plug? - Which cupboard does this going in? Do I have to stay awake on watch? Can I test this flare? John have you ever used a brush and dustpan before?

Bye Bye Azores - Hello North Atlantic! Lots of dolphins just came to say hello but no whales yet. Fingers crossed.

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