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Johanem - Johanem Blog 27th May

Well here we are, coming to the end of our last full day at sea... less than 130 miles to go as I type away at 9.30pm our time, so we are hoping to cross the finish line during daylight tomorrow (Tuesday). The fortunes in our arrival time sweepstake competition has swung enormously since it was established a week or so ago - the earliest times are already cast aside and it is currently looking like a run off for the honours between Gus (15.00 hours Tues) and Ian (18.00 hours Tues) . The prize is the first night's food and drink on shore at the expense of the rest of the crew, so it could be a prize worth winning.... !!

Today has seen some excellent sailing - winds have been decent and from a favourable direction; vindicating skipper's strategy of keeping north at the expense of outright speed much of the way. We are still clinging onto our aim of finishing over the line with the cruising chute flying... (but as its only been up on one day of the trip so far perhaps that is too much to ask). Unfortunately though it has been cloudy most of the day so thoughts of topping up the suntan before hitting the karaoke bars of downtown Horta have been frustrated.

We have had numerous visits from Whales and Dolphins today which keep us on our toes - including a large whale that just crossed our bow a few seconds ago leading to Pete's near collapse at the helm.

Other than that it has been a day of numerous celebrations - each big number (remaining miles to Horta) i.e. 150, 140, 135, 133.2 etc...has been toasted with beer, or whisky... and there has been vigorous singing along to Dolly Parton and Adele (oh the shame...).

Our fishing department has a new tale of near glory as it almost caught a massive marlin. or cod. or a buoy. Either way we have a slightly shorter line left and are another lure down.... and another day without any fresh food :-/. Thank goodness we still have cabbage left (it was "chile con cabbage" this eve btw - page 49 of skipper's Cook Book).

So from me its goodnight and, provided that our navigation equipment isn't too far off accurate such that we get in tomorrow, goodbye. We have had a great trip aboard Johanem.. but are all looking forward to re-acquainting ourselves with beds that are level, showers, and clean clothes!! oh, and draught beer. BFN


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